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Friedmann family in Pinsk
Wrote by: Bina 
Published on:  2022-12-30

I would like very much to get some informations about Friemann familly, like witch was their profession, their economic status and if they suffered any kind of persecution (pogroms). I am the first generation already born in Brasil. My grandfather and my grandmother with their 4 sons arrived in Brasil in 1928 and established theirselves in the very south state of the country.

Thank you,
Bina Friedmann Maltz

Thank you,
Bina Maltz

Trying to find answers
Wrote by: Heather 
Published on:  2022-12-30

I'm trying to find the truth about my great grandfather Paul Antoni Finsky, he came from Pinsk and arrived in the states around 1912 or so. He is kind of a mystery, he was a wrestler called the Russian Wolf and was very multifaceted, a very hard worker but there's almost no info on his background. He came here with his wife who's maiden name was Korsumaki.

I welcome anyone who has knowledge or any records on him, he was a good man and lost a sibling to the Holocaust. Thank you.

Mazin family
Wrote by: Yehuda 
Published on:  2022-12-30

I know my family (Mazin or something similar- spelling may have been changed during immigration) lived in Pinsk or nearby before WWI and emigrated around 1917. Does anyone have any information about Mazin family pre-emigration and possible living relatives?

Kolodney family
Wrote by: John 
Published on:  2022-12-30

My grandfather and great grandfather were living in or near Pinsk in 1901 when they came to the USA and settled in Stamford Connecticut. My grandfather, Leo Joseph Kolodney left home and changed his name to Leon Joseph King after some family falling out over business. I wonder if any Kolodney family members who stayed in the USSR survived the war?

Steinman family
Wrote by: Anne 
Published on:  2018-07-28 00:00:00
Looking fro information on the Steinman family of Pinsk. There were four brothers, Isadore, David, Abraham, and Juluis Steinman. I believe there father was Louis Steinman and there mother was Malka Steinman. (Might have been Mikdred or Miriam). The four brothers all came to the US ,I believe in the early 1900s. Thank you.

Wrote by: Renee 
Published on:  2018-07-16 00:00:00
Although my father was born in Pinsk, he always said that his father was born in "Katchanovitch, across the Prypat River from Pinsk." I have never been able to find any place with that name, or even a list of shtetls south of the Prypat. The only other thing I know about my grandfather is that my father called him a Hassid. Again, no evidence of that either.
Kolodney Family in Pinsk
Wrote by: john 
Published on:  2018-07-11 00:00:00

Any Kolodney family members out there from Pinsk that survived WWII? Who killed more Jews in Pinsk...Russians or Germans?
Wrote by: john 
Published on:  2018-07-01 00:00:00

My great grandfather and grandfather were born in or near Pinsk. They came to the USA in 1902 and lived in Hartford Connecticut. I wish to find out what may happened to any Kolodneys that remained in Pinsk.
ללא נושא
Wrote by: Toba Lynn 
Published on:  2018-06-17 00:00:00
I'm looking for any information on my family. My grandfather and grandmother lived in Pinsk in the late 1800 and early 1900. My grandfather was Abram Gamsey (or Blasofsky) My grandmother was Fannie Gamse. Her father was Nichols Gamse and his wife was Rosa Goldberg Gamse. They are both spelled differently. Abram father was Jacob Gamsey (or Blasofsky). Researching it looks like my grandfather had changed his last name to Gamsey. He came to America in 1907 at age 15. My grandmother came to the US in 1900 at age 10. Thank you for any help with research.
Pinsk lineage
Wrote by: Dustin 
Published on:  2018-06-03 00:00:00
My great-grandfather, the paternal grandfather of my father, was Abraham Friedman, born (presumably, based on documents we found) in Pinsk in the mid-1800s. We know emigrated to NY in 1906 or 1907, married a woman called Rose Epstein, and they had 5 children, of which my grandfather Myer (Mike) was the youngest, born in 1918. I would love to learn any available information about the Pinsk Jewish population.
Wrote by: Dvora 
Published on:  2018-05-31 00:00:00
Many years ago in Pinsk, Zlata Lea Golman, daughter of Yitzhak Goldman married Girsh Kuflic. They had 4 children. One of them is Joseph Kufflik, my grandfather. I am looking for any information about those who are related to them.
reply to Berrys adv.
Wrote by: Yvonne 
Published on:  2018-05-18 00:00:00
hey,my family name was Kucykowicz and my grandpa is from luniniec Belarus.His brother Adam emigrated to Haifa in the erly 90ties.My grandfather died in southern Poland in 2000,his name was Alex.There was also the third brother who died in the 40ties in Russia,dont know the circumstances.I live in Germany.Berry can write me a message.thank you
Wrote by: Jack 
Published on:  2018-05-14 00:00:00
My father of blessed memory went to school in Pinsk in the twenties (Dr. William Bellan, Hicksville, LI, NY) Was a member of the Pinsk Society in New York) My mother, of blessed memory, Fay Dolington Bellan, alsp a member of the Pinsk Society in New York. She went to high school in Pinsk. Many late members of the Society were close friends of our family. I am trying to get information on other members of my family who did not survive. My father's younger brother Aaron. My mother sisters Chanka and Tzviv and her husband whose last name was Saffir. I have been on this site and left an email many years ago, I am hoping that some who reads this message either has information or can lead me to a site or person who help me in my search.
Jarle Thorsen SiteTalk
Wrote by: StephenMaifs 
Published on:  2018-05-12 00:00:00
Jarle Thorsen Kielce, Jarle Thorsen SiteTalk Reviews, Jarle Thorsen Kielce, Jarle Thorsen, Jarle Thorsen itel global group
Wrote by: Faigy 
Published on:  2018-04-11 00:00:00
does someone have a photo of Jewish Cemetery in Pinsk before WWII

thank you.
Sherman/Szerman Pinsk
Wrote by: Cathy 
Published on:  2018-04-09 00:00:00
I am looking for records of Sherman/Szerman or Fink from Pinsk
Tonnis is. Frishman
Wrote by: Barry. Tonnis 
Published on:  2018-02-21 00:00:00
My grandmother was born I believe in pinsk. Bodies Fleishman Robb is. My mother rochel an aunt Frieda too. My grandfather Aaron. Tonnis. Any connections?
Wrote by: Bruno 
Published on:  2017-11-20 00:00:00

I am trying to find some information about my family history in Pinsk. I wonder if anyone has some information about Rabbi Moshe Pinsker (originally named Andrusia) or Hinda Bronstein (nee Lichenstein).

Many thanks
Bruno Burton
Looking for relative information Ponyatezki (פויאצקי)
Wrote by: Roey 
Published on:  2017-09-28 00:00:00
every information will be great
Pnyaezki Family
Pessach , Roza , Matche,
Wrote by: Ron 
Published on:  2017-06-11 00:00:00
Does any one have information on the Chinitz family from Pinsk ?

Ron Chinitz
Glotzer Family
Wrote by: Ezequiel Germsn 
Published on:  2017-05-16 00:00:00
My grandgrandfather called Hirsch Glotzer lived in Pinsk. His father was Pinkhas Glotzer and his mother Roza Akerman. He has sone brothers but I know about Tuvia Glotzer that died as a partizan. I think they used to sell leather. Berta Menratz, who was the niece of Pinkhas Glotzer, completed tha testimony of death of Pinkhas Glotzer in Pinsk in 1941 5th August.
Hirsch Glotzer came to Rosario, Argentina where now live all my family, Glocer's family. Any information above this will be very appreciable. Thanks
Moshe Rubin b 1899 from Pinsk
Wrote by: catherine 
Published on:  2017-05-11 00:00:00
I'm looking for information about my great grandparents from in or around Pinsk and Minsk. Moshe Rubin (or Rubben) was born in New York on May 27th 1899. His father was a cabinet maker and his grandfather was a scholar, some say a Rebbe (back in Minsk area). Moshe's brothers were George and Samuel, and there was a sister also.
Looking for my Chajutin family
Wrote by: Jerry 
Published on:  2017-03-17 00:00:00

My father was Nochim Chajutin who immigrated from Pinsk to the U.S. in the late 1920s. Labe and Fruma were his parents --- my grandparents. Others became fur traders in Canada, possibly Montreal. And others, of course, didn’t get out in time.

Do you know anyone Chajutin’s? The name was likely changed after they immigrated.

Many thanks,
Yacob Akiva Ben-Nochim
Wrote by: Brenda  
Published on:  2016-09-12 00:00:00
This is in response to Alexa's post of 4/29/2014. My great grandfather (Elya Chaim) and his brother (Morris) were also named Shvetz (spellings varied) and later became Schwartz in the U.S. They were from Stolin, Pinsk and were tailors. They immigrated to New York around 1913. I have information on many more of my family from this area, but the first names you mention do not match what I have; however, I believe there is a decent chance the families were related. If anyone else
Rubacha and Fishman
Wrote by: Ellen  
Published on:  2016-06-21 00:00:00
Looking for information about my grandparents from Pinsk-Rubacha and Fishman. They emigrated in 1922. They might have a connection to Lahishyn, north of Pinsk.
Wrote by: Ariel 
Published on:  2016-06-07 00:00:00
Hello , my name is Ariel ; my grandfather come from Pinsk, hija name was Isacc Rubin
Chasre Gitel Lichtenstein
Wrote by: Gillian 
Published on:  2016-04-29 00:00:00
My daughter has just alerted me to your 'website' with the information about the Pinsk Orphan groups. My mother was Chasre Gitel Lichtenstein (Lichstein / Luhtewstein) arriving in England in 1926.

We believe she was 9 years old and had been orphaned at the age of 3. Her parents died within 6 months of each other from Spanish Flu. She persuaded her uncle to allow her to go to England with her friend 'Millie' (possibly Miriam Freilkoff).

My mother was adopted by a family called Cohen and lived in Artillery Lane, London E1. She went to school until she was 14 and then left the family and lived in a bedsit, working as a seamstress. She was asked if she wanted to be adopted by another family who would let her continue her education, but she said she wanted to be independent. I always felt her relationship with the Cohen's was not easy, although she said one of their daughters was always kind to her.

My mother married Aaron Fernback (Ferenbach) in 1935, and had a daughter, Linda Ruth in 1936. She then married my father Paul Fairbanks in 1950 and I was born in 1951. She had 4 grandchildren from Linda and 2 from me.

Chase, or Tessa as she was known, died in 2005. At the end of her life, she recalled her father dying and her mother sending her to ask her aunt to come to the house. She found the experience of going out in the dark, by herself at that age very frightening.

She is pictured on the boat, in the 2/3 row from the front with her arm around her friend Millie. Tessa is the little girl on the right. Millie became Millie Elstein and had 3 sons.

We visited Pinsk in 2002, but local information at the time was limited.

Kashel family
Wrote by: Sharon 
Published on:  2016-04-22 00:00:00
I'm looking for any information on the Kashel family. My great-grandfather was from Pinsk and emigrated to the US in the 1890s. His name was Samuel Isaac Kashel, and his last name was changed to Goldstein at Ellis Island.


Sharon Turnoy
Finding relatives named Kashel
Wrote by: Sharon 
Published on:  2016-04-22 00:00:00
I'm not sure of the spelling, but my mother's grandfather, with the last name of Kashel, came from Pinsk in Russia. He escaped during the pogroms of the 1890s with my great-grandmother. He was a tailor, and his son, my grandfather, was born in the US. At Ellis Island, my grandfather, Samuel Isaac Kashel's, last name was changed to Goldstein to "sound more American." LOL. I'm looking for anyone who might have been related to or known someone with the last name of Kashel.
Salmans from Pinsk
Wrote by: Tara 
Published on:  2016-02-15 00:00:00
My Salman family came from southeastern Poland, but my father's cousin, who was older than him, told me many years ago that the family originally came from Pinsk and the name was originally Zalman Ior Szalman). I can trace my oldest ancestor on that side of the family to the late 18th century - his name was Jacob Salman. He married a Bronia Finkelstein around the turn of the century and they lived in Hrubieszow, Poland. I am trying to find out where Jacob and Bronia originally came from and if it was indeed Pinsk or somewhere in Belarus.
Thank you,
Tara Salman
Montreal, Canada
Finkel & Temchin families
Wrote by: Jane 
Published on:  2015-09-22 00:00:00
I am looking for any kind of information about descendants of Finkel and Temchin (Temkin) families from Pinsk. My paternal grandparents were from Pinsk. My grandmother Haya Temchin was killed by Nazis together with her youngest son. Her father Moshe Finkel was killed in Pinsk ghetto together with some of his children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. My grandmother Haya was one of thirteen children. Some of her siblings moved to the U.S. and Palestine (maybe some other countries).

My grandfather Meyer Temchin was killed during Red Terror in Russia. Some of his siblings moved out from Russia/Poland (whatever country Pinsk belong at that time).

Should anybody needs more details, feel free to contact me at janeliss@hotmail.com.
I would appreciate any small piece of information about my roots.
Thank you.
Stillerman roots
Wrote by: Phil 
Published on:  2015-09-01 00:00:00
Family roots are in Pinsk. My great great grandfather was Fishel Stillerman. I've not been able to find out who he was married to, or who his parents were.
Searching for the Matzevnik family
Wrote by: Howard 
Published on:  2015-08-04 00:00:00
Dear Sir/ Madam,
My great grandfather Ya'akov Metzevnik (Matzevnik) left Pinsk for Canada with his wife and children with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. They went to Nova Scotia, Canada and then came to America. Four of his brothers also left. Two kept the name Metz, two took the name Mazow and one became Berman. My great grandfather's brother, Yerachmiel Metzevnik took on the name of his wife's family, Lieberman. No one spoke of the family they left behind. I found 5 Matzevniks who were murdered in the Holocaust, and one birth certificate of a Sora Rivka Matzevnik. A relative also said that the family hosted Chaim Weizman during his stay in Pinsk. I am trying to complete my family tree. I am also related to Avraham spitkusky, whose family wrote on this list, but I do not know how I am related to him. If anyone has any news about my family, please get in touch. I would like to write pages of testimony for my relatives.

Thank you,

PURIM family
Wrote by: Keren 
Published on:  2015-07-24 00:00:00
Hello, My grandfather's last name was Boris/Barak/Berl PURIM. He was from Pinsk. I am trying to find any information about his family name. Thank you.
Fiszelow/Fiszelew Pinsk
Wrote by: Renee 
Published on:  2015-03-27 00:00:00
I'm looking for Fiszelow/Fiszelew/Fishelov family from Pinsk. My grandfather Nuchem was born in Ciechanowiec, then moved to Pinsk (year unknown). My grandmother was Chaya Ruchla Szjteinberg.
Wrote by: esther 
Published on:  2015-01-25 00:00:00

My grand mother,dead in 1943 in auswitz, Estera TURKIEWICZ or TOURKENICH was born in Stolin in 1905 and went to France in 1925.
Her parents were MoiseTOURKIEWICZ and Sprinse RAKOVSKI.
If you had any information or same family, send me an email, please.
Gottlieb Pinsk
Wrote by: Zelig  
Published on:  2015-01-13 00:00:00
My father's family came to America around 1910.
His name was Yosef Shacna Gottlieb & his father was
Yaakov Eliezer & his father was Shmuel Leib.
Gutman, Goodman
Wrote by: Lisa  
Published on:  2014-12-02 00:00:00
Looking for information on my paternal grandmother, Fanny Goodman, who came to New York through Canada in the early 1920s and was born in a shtetl near Pinsk around 1900. We think her father may have been a carpenter in a town that looked a lot like "Fiddler on the Roof". (we do have one photograph of him from afar on the roof of a house) She made the trip alone but there were other Goodmans/Gutmans in the States already.
update - from Leah Tourkin Yerushalmi
Wrote by: Leah Tourkin 
Published on:  2014-10-26 00:00:00
Tourkin - Tourkenitz - Turkenich familes from Pinsk
Written by: Leah Tourkin Yerushalmi
Published on: 10/18/2006 and UPDATED 10/24/2014

This past June 2014, I visited Poland for the first time. At Auschwitz-Birkenau, I saw the "Book of Names" that includes a printed list of approximately 4 million names of the 6 million Jews who were Holocaust victims. The list is alphabetical, in English. As I had anticipated in advance, most of the last names spelled as: Turkenich, Turkenitz, etc., were of Jews from PINSK.

I am a descendant of the Tourkenitz - Turkenich families from Pinsk. My paternal grandfather emigrated to the USA from Pinsk after the Kishinev pogrom of 1905, arriving in Baltimore, MD around 1906. His name was changed (shortened) in the USA to Tourkin . He was a professional carpenter & cabinet maker trained in Pinsk, such that he ended up building many of the 'shtieblach' & their Holy Arks in the Jewish 'ghetto' in east "Balmer" (Baltimore) almost 100 years ago (on or around East Caroline Street). Our family has Tourkin males named Naftali Shlomo, David, Dov Ber, and Moshe. I have many cousins - most in the USA - with whom I'm in contact, but I'd like to meet other Tourkin - Tourkenitz - Turkenich folk from Pinsk! I immigrated to Israel over 30 years ago, so I can correspond in either English or Hebrew with fellow "Pinskers".
Szwec/Schwartz from Pinsk
Wrote by: Alexa 
Published on:  2014-04-29 00:00:00
Hi there,

Looking for any information on my great grandfather's family in Pinsk. They went by both Szwec and later Schwartz in the US. Most immigrated to the US between 1920 - 1924, however I believe Shmul died or was killed in Pinsk before the family immigrated.

I believe the men fought for the Russian/Red Army, both in WWI and in the Polish-Russian war.

Samuel (Shmul) SCHWARTZ (abt. 1860 – abt. 1920) m. Esther (abt. 1860 – abt. 1940)

Hyman SCHWARTZ (abt. 1890 – 1953)
Lana SCHWARTZ (abt. 1890 – ?)
Dora SCHWARTZ (1892 – 1930)
Max SCHWARTZ (abt. 1892 – ?)
Julius (Jojne) SCHWARTZ (abt. 1896 – 1980)
Minnie SCHWARTZ (abt. 1902 – 1929)

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Wrote by: stuart 
Published on:  2014-04-28 00:00:00
My name is Stuart Pinsker. I live in Miami and my Father was born in New York. My grandparents came from Russia I believe in 1919 and heard that they were lucky to be alive from all the persecutions that the Jewish people were facing during those days. My dream is to one day make Aliya and move to Israel, before that I will like to go visit with my family but at this time we are unable to afford this trip. Hopefully one day with G-d blessing we will be visiting not only Israel but also go to Pinsk and experience were my Jewish roots are coming from.
Wrote by: Jack 
Published on:  2014-04-14 00:00:00
My Grandfather, Louis Schreiber, emigrated to NY from Pinsk around 1900. His name in Pinsk was "sofer" or "sefer," and his family were Torah scribes. The name was changed at Ellis Island. He had cousins by the name of Steinberg. He married Eva Hyman. My mother, Ethel Kligerman, was their eldest child, born 1911. Siblings, in order, were Samuel, Pauline, and Benjamin. Does anyone have information about this extended family, either in NY or Pinsk?
Perechodnik Family
Wrote by: Jeff 
Published on:  2014-02-03 00:00:00
I am writing a history of the Perechodnik family from Pinsk, including Avram Leib Kolodny who married into the family, and would welcome any input from family members from Pinsk.

Wrote by: David Solly 
Published on:  2013-09-11 00:00:00
The Pinsker Orphan book - in part a follow up of The Ochberg Orphans book-has just been released see www.CreateSpace.com/4232204-
All the profits (the royalties) from the book goes direct to the Joint/ the JDC- The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee- which supported the Pinsk Orphanages in the 1920s (from where 44 Ochberg Orphans were selected to go to South Africa) and still supports Jews today around the world.
The Pinsher Orphan book has a section on the Ochberg Orphans, introduced by an article by Sir Martin Gilbert and with a few more chapters on the Ochberg Orphans
To buy your copy click on www.CreateSpace.com/4232204 and follow the prompts
Kind Regards
Wrote by: Beverly 
Published on:  2013-08-03 00:00:00
Researching SPITKOVSKY/STEINMAN (Steymann,Steidman) family from Pinsk region. Grandfather Rubin Steinman was married to Malka Spitkovsky. After Malka died, Rubin emigrated to Moosup, Ct. Other family members emigrated to the US (to Ct & NY), Israel, Brazil, Canada & Australia.
Any information on the SPITKOVSKY/STEINMAN
family would be appreciated. Thanks.
Wrote by: Roman 
Published on:  2013-06-16 00:00:00
I wonder if Dobrowolia is the same as Dobra Wola, a place north of the city of Pinsk. I was looking on the map and I can just see Dobra Wola.

Please advice!

Roman Wasserman Wroblewski

Pinsk association answer: Yes, it's the same place.
Wrote by: regina 
Published on:  2013-05-28 00:00:00
my mother katazynia saba szkoda was born in 1922 in pinsk,and was wondering if anyone reconizes the name,her father was a composer in the army,they had a huge house with maids i cant renember his name, during the war she was taken to forced labour in germany desseu junkers werk,then after the was she was reunited with her brother in london
Pinsk massacre of 1919
Wrote by: Francine 
Published on:  2013-05-05 00:00:00
Most of my grandmother's family (Gottlieb) emigrated to the US from Pinsk around the turn of the last century. But one of her brothers never left, and then was killed for being a Bolshevik, or so I understood. Is there a list of those who were killed in the Pinsk massacre of 1919?
Fran Jacobs
Wrote by: DANIELLE  
Published on:  2012-10-28 00:00:00
mon pֳ¨re ABEL SIMENOW est nֳ© ֳ  PINSK en 1903
il avait une soeur ANNAH et un frֳ¨re dont j' ignore le
prֳ©nom mais toutce que sais c' est qu il est parti aux
U S A pour faire du cinֳ©ma
leurs parents se nommaient ABRAHAM et TOUBA
ils habitaient PINSK et avaient un magasin de
mon pֳ¨re a ֳ©tait dֳ©portֳ© en 1942
je recherche des personnes qui auraient pu les connaitre connaitre c co
Wrote by: Jack 
Published on:  2012-06-09 00:00:00
Both my parents William Bellan and Fay Dolington-Bellan had roots in Pinsk and the surrounding shtels ( Telechan-father and Michalov-mother). I am trying to find out what happened to my father's brother Aaron and my mother's sisters. We know they were lost in the war. We do not know how or where? If any of you know of anything about my parents family, my brother tRon and I would greatly appreciate it. As youngsters in the 60s our parents brought us to Pinsker Association meetings in Manhattan. The Rabbi told stories in Yiddush and we did not know what was going on until years later
Esther Malka Sankewicz (Schankevitz)
Wrote by: Nadine 
Published on:  2012-04-14 00:00:00
I am looking for the relatives of my maternal grandmother, Esther Malka who came to the states before the war. She had a brother Jacob (Ya'akov)who was already in the states that sponsered her over. We know she left a husband, parents and brother in Poland. She was over 40 when she had my mother so by the time we were interested she was already elderly. We thought the city she was from was something like Bransk, we know her brothers name was David (Daveed) we do not know her father or mothers names. We believe her married surname was Piepesh. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Todah Robah
Pinsk Orphans in London
Wrote by: Ann 
Published on:  2012-04-11 00:00:00
My grandmother Esther Guz (nee Zilberman) came from Pinsk as a young chld. Her bother Moshe Zilberman was killed in the Pinsk massacre/pogrom and a further 2 brothers died in tragic circumstances in Pinsk. When she and her parents came to England they helped to organise for some orphans from Pinsk to come to London. If anyone has more information on this, I would be very interested and grateful if they could contact me.
Wrote by: David Solly 
Published on:  2012-03-30 00:00:00
rescued by the PINSKER ORPHANS RELIEF FUND OF LONDON 1924 and 1926
and two group photos.

In 1924 a group of 19 Pinsk orphans, and in 1926 a further group of 34, were brought out to London for adoption, by the PINSKER ORPHANS RELIEF FUND of London. They were rescued from the multiple horrors facing Jews in the ‘Pale of Settlement’ which commenced in 1914 with WWI and the forced relocation of Jews by the Russians and were followed by the Spanish flu epidemic, pogroms committed by advancing and retreating troupes during the Russian Revolution, and the fight for independence of the Poles, Ukrainians and Belarus and finally Soviet caused starvation and the diseases that accompany hunger and cold which was then well into the 1920s.

I am compiling a book on the THREE PINSK ORPHANAGES and appeal to the descendants of these 53 Pinsk orphans whose names (or similar) appear below to please make contact with me and share the life stories of their parents/grandparents for the book.

The 1924 Group Holelke Buchalshuk, Zelata Davidsky53, Aaron Dubrovsky, Chaim Fotman, Marsha/Menam Fredkoff, Sholem Fredkoff, Friedel Kagan*, Rachel/ Rochel Kagan, Pesel Kashitsky, Sarah Leah Katrinsky/Katrusky, Aaron Klampert*, Friedel Klampert72, Yocheved Kniplech, Moshke Lev, Ze-ev Lev, Batya Luchtan, Shmuel Luchtan*, Leibel Mattos, Sholmo Mattos, Michal Pickov, Yakov Poritsky, Frai Pushker, Molly Pushker, Michal Rickner, David Sherman/Sheckman, Esther Sherman/Sheckman, Moshe Waxman, Sholmo Zinliv, Yakov Zinliv, Machya Zucker and Mordechai Zucker

The 1926 Group Sholoma Arenberg, Sarah/Sisie Bregman, Gitel/Gisla Davidsky55, Leah Dorfman*, Meyer Dorfman, Rosa Dorfman, Feigel Drel, Sime Faksman, Esther Feldman/Ferdman, Masha/Miriam Freilkoff, Shulem Fialkow, Chana Gitelman, Chaya Gitelman, Pro Hescel, Furje Higdalowicz, Chaske Isenberg, Selig Kagan, Fruma Kovalski, Hejsu Lev, Pesse Lev, Chaya Levin, Chasre Gitel Lichstein/Luhtewstein, Chaya/Sheine Pinsker, Meyer Pinsker, Shmuel Pocrinka, Sarah Pragner, Hillel Rakalowik, David Robrowitz, Israel Robrowitz, Sarah Rubacka, Chaya Rubarka, Chasre Segalowitz133, Mulka Wagman* and Yizhok Ziperstein/Ciperstein.

(Numbers refer to letters mentioned below *Names are listed on the back of group photos)

The book will also include 135 letters, in Hebrew and Yiddish with translations, from the children and teachers of the Three Pinsk Orphanages addressed to Alter Bobrow who together with Zionistic colleagues help establish the orphanages in 1917. These letters were given to Alter in 1921 on his departure to South Africa with 38 Pinsk orphans as part of 181 Orphans rescued by Isaac Ochberg.

The book, a follow up of the sections on Alter Bobrow and the Pinsk Orphanages, in the Ochberg Orphan book (published 2011) will also include the story of these Ochberg orphans, The Pinsker Relief Fund of London, the histories of individual Pinsk Orphans and the help given by the JDC (The Joint Jewish American Distribution Committee)

I appeal to descendants of the Pinsk Orphans to please contact me and to share their family histories for the book.

Your sincerely
David Solly Sandler Tel Australia 61 8 9306 2753
Australia Address: 41 Bebich Drive, Wanneroo, WA 6065. AUSTRALIA

Wrote by: David Solly 
Published on:  2011-11-26 00:00:00
I have compiled three thick volumes on Arcadia - The South African Jewish Orphanage. The third, The Ochberg Orphans, tells the story 181 Orphans rescued in 1921 by the SA Jewish community and transported to SA.

30 of these children were selected from the Three Pinsk Jewish Orphanages and book not only tells of the life stories on many of these children but also of an Alter Bobrow who established these orphanages and accompanied these children to SA.

I have photos of the three orphanages with names on the back of two of the photos and copies of 135 letters to Alter Bobrow from children and colleages in Hebrew and Yiddish - see detailed lists of names below
I'm now compiling a book to include these photos and letters with translations and would be very interested to make contact with people whose ancestors came from the Pinsk Orphanages in the 1920s.
I understand that two groups of Pinsk Orphans were sent to the UK in 1924 and 1926 and would very much like to make contact with their descendants.

David Solly Sandler
Here are the names on the back of the two photos and the names of the children and colleagues who wrote the letters. The numbers following the names are references to letters written in Hebrew or Yiddish which are in the process of being translated.
While I understand that most of the children listed below would have perished in the Holocaust I am hoping to make contact with the descendants of those who may have survived.
If you have an ancestor from Pinsk who would have been aged between 2 and 14 in 1921 (born say 1907 to 1919) with a name the same as or similar to one of those listed below I ask you please to make contact with me David Solly Sandler on sedsand@iinet.net.au I plan to compile a book on these three orphanages which will include all the letters with translations, the family histories of any survivors I can make contact with and any further information I can gather.

Lev Debranshka, Trina Dan, Dvorah Dolinki, Leah Dorfman, Rafel Dorfman, Moshe Dubovsky, Miriam Epstein 119, Fellta Feldman, Chava Fridel, Mental Frozinski, Shindel Golshmit, Yitshak Gunzer, Chaya Gute, Fridel Kagan, Dina Kaplan 84, ??? Kantsfleski, Ruzi Kimstein, Miryam Knovits, Dvorah Lev, Peshe Lev 62, Mordechai Levin, Rania Levin, Shmuel Lichtan, Chana Lichtinson, Chana Lichton, Chana Rivka Litvin 58, Malka Litvin 81, Mindel Merzel, Bashe Rachel, Rashke Rubin, Bashra Rubinshtein, Leah Rufershtein, Rachel Safanznik, Toybel Safolznik, Gushagot Shabat, Natee Shulman 75, Bracha Trushkin, Sarah Trushkin, Rosa Tshiz, Feigal Tzrel 69, ??? Yochbad, Elman Yosef and Ginl Zavodinkov.

Sheindol Aranov, Moshe Avizonshtein, Nachum Avizonshtein, Hillel Bakaltovich, Chaim Bammel, Feigel Bammel, Asher Bantshik, Nramia Basalitz, Fesh Bashevits, Benzalel Beliak, Label Belozavski, Rivka Bokliar, Necham Borman, Baruch Bregman, Hershil Bregman, Kalman Bergman, Shachar Bregman, Yakov Chomsky 7 & 105, Sarah Cosmonisim, Feivish Dalinka, Chana Dingman, Masha Dllaron, Vair (Leah?) Dorfman 61, Motil Eizenberg, Galda Epshtein, Gdala Epshtein, Chashar Fagelevits, Moshe Faladavonik, Yosef Feldman, Rubin Fikman, Yehudit Fikman, Harshel Friedman, Izik Friedman, Itshak Abraham Fritman, Yehuda Gelfond, Shmuel Chaim Gorbooz, Avigdor Gotlieb, Esther Grets, Moshe Grets, Rachel Grooshka, Fina Haltsman, Yacob Helshtein, Leah Izluk, Eliezer Kagan, Henia Kagan, Itshak Kantor, Shmuel Katsenelson, Elke Katsenelson, Aharon Mosel Klempert, Abraham Knoosolnits, Bashke Knoosolnits, Zlota Knorvats, Nechama Kole, Gishel Koodnats, Leibel Kushner, Leibel Lamish, Chira Levin, Yacov Leviton 110, Fridol Liberman, Tsat Liberman, Yosel Liberman, Golda Libshovsky, Luby Lidvinsky, Hene Lubashavsky, Genia Luria, Gershon Luria, Moshe Lydrok, Mirle Mailin, Chaya Menasha, Asher Mashal 112, Elke Melamed, Tova Migdalovits, Chaim Sheme Pinsker, Otke Pinsker, Dov Portnoy, Nechama Portnoy, Regina Rabinomit, Michael Relznesi, Chaya Rimski, Aharon Ruchalnki, David Rubin, Malkia Rubin, Yente Rubin, Henia Shifon, Dov Silberman, Daniel Tarantsa, Rivka Teitelbaum, Yacob Telman, Chana Toranda, Chaim Torkin, Arye Tsifarshtein, Chava Tsnovats, Arye Tsoofershtein, Itshak Tsoofershtein, Miriam Tsoofershtein, Seindil Tsoofershtein, Toybel Tsoofershtein, Mendel Tsutski, Leah Vaks, Mile Vegman, Zisl Vinik 10, Yehudit Werman 115, Chaya Yerlansky, Fruma Yerlinkski, Malka Zilberman, Arye Zuberman and Sara Zuberman.
COLLEAGUES Shepshge Bragton, Breshge Gefy, Nechama Helper, Aharon Kaperplinski, Rachel Koosk, Toybe Kosol, Libentor, Sarah Raskot, Tina Rubin, Tina Zil and P. Kantor - Headmaster 106.

R Appelman 139, Tzaba Asselman 5, Peshe Bassevitz 88 & 107, Berle Butenski 77, Feigle Calb 8, Tzeitle Cletzev 76, Lana Cohen 28, Rachel Cohen 24, Shara Cohen 34, Gittel Davidovsky 55, Lezate Davidovsky 53, Shashke Davidovsky 52, Liba Denenberg 35, Shifra Eiberman 32, Tzachzekit Eidel 12, Esther Eisenberg 37, Rachel Eizenberg 42, Zeev Ben Meir Eizenberg 2, Itzhak Federman 4, Yehudit Fedeman 43, Chaya Feldman 20, D Ferman 135, Malka Fiska 14, Masil Gorshtein 16, Gishe Gutshabes 57, Miriam Kalton 33, Yache Kantzepleskis 83, Tvi Katzelson 41, Chaya Freidle Klempert 72, Bantze Klepatz 78, Shoshana Kuraz 27, Zeev Kushner 19, Chaya Lemoosh 29, Devushka Lev 121, Rony Levine 117, Shalom Levine 118, Chaim Lieberman 6, Tzarne Lieberman 87, Golde Livshovsky 114, Reva Lutzki 38, Nechama Lutzkit 26, Bashe Rachel Lubertan 63, Gitle Mann 86, David Marutetky 18, Rachel Pakatz 23, Bashe Patzekin 80, Chana Peikov 25, Zipora Platnik 15, Gittel Poratz 3, G Poraz 141, Lea Rappaport 40, M Retzvi 109, Chanan Sapasznikov 149, Chazke Segalovitz 113, Ethel Shelkman 22, Chana Sherman 17, Rachel Shertok 31, Hende Shifman 108, Natee Shulman 75, Tvi Shvetz 9, Malka Shvetz 30, Yosef Sopalnik 82, Tzirel Sopatznick 68, Bracha Tiroshek 59, Berle Triguch 79, Yaakov Turkenitz 73, Shena Tzelizika 39, Chaya Tzevin 64, Faigl Tzrel 69, Dasha Yosselman 147, B Zilberman 116 and Chaya Zilberman 111.

If you have an ancestor from Pinsk who would have been aged between 2 and 14 in 1921 (born say 1907 to 1919) with a name the same as or similar to one of those listed above I ask you please to make contact with me David Solly Sandler on sedsand@iinet.net.au I plan to compile a book on these three orphanages which will include all the letters with translations, the family histories of any survivors I can make contact with and any further information I can gather.

Wrote by: Barry 
Published on:  2011-11-18 00:00:00
My Famil name in Pinsk was Kucykowicz....The family lefted Pinsk in the 1920's to go to Israel and settled in Hadera.. Other last name is Chinicz......
Gitelman Family
Wrote by: Jerry 
Published on:  2011-09-05 00:00:00
Hello, my great grandfather, Lew Gitleman, whose name was changed to Louis Hittleman, emigrated to the U.S. in 1910 via Hamburg Germany with his wife and seven children. They lived in NY and eventually opened Hittleman's Bakery in Long Beach, NY that was there between 1948 - 1970. Any information about the family in Israel or the US would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Wrote by: Ruslan 
Published on:  2011-09-02 00:00:00
I was born in Pinsk then immigrated to the US in '89 when i was 7. Thank you guys for a great website!

family route
Wrote by: Francesca 
Published on:  2011-08-30 00:00:00
I am trying to build up my family roots. I know that my grand grand father moved to Italy (wher I am from) from Pinsk beginning of 1900 when Pinsk was under Poland rule. If anyone knows more about the Pisetzky s living in Pinsk at that time I would appreciate receiving any kind of information which may be helpful to put together the pieces of my family genealogy.

Francesca Pisetzky
Escalera children
Wrote by: Karen 
Published on:  2011-08-06 00:00:00
I am an Escalera by birth and when my father passed away in 2007, he told me I had jewish roots, which I had suspected.
The problem is that many of my relatives have passed away. I do know his family originated in Spain and they moved to eastern Europe in the late 1400s, early 1500s.
I would like to know more about my father's family and I am thrilled have jewish roots. I have been trying to piece together my geneology so I can pass this down to my only child. Some of dad's family went to death camps during the 2nd war, which has made it difficult to find out much about them.
Hope there is something about the Escalera children that may shed some light on our line.
Teitelbaum family
Wrote by: Daniel 
Published on:  2011-08-04 00:00:00
My great grandfather, Louis (Aryeh Lieb) Teitelbaum, his brothers and my grandfather Maurice (Lazar Moshe) Teitelbaum were born in Pinsk. Louis immigrated to NY in 1903, his wife Shana Gittel (Levine) and my grandtather along with his sister Rosa (Roda) in 1904. I am told that there is in our family, a few generations prior to that of Louis, a rabbi, "as famous as Abraham Lincoln" in Pinsk. Anyone familiar with my family or this rabbi? Thank you so much!
The Lashko family
Wrote by: Marita 
Published on:  2011-07-03 00:00:00
I am searching for my father's routes. He was put on a train with his brother by his father. He was say 9 his father did not got on the train. He lost his brother and we no nothing about his early life, where he cam from etc
IHis father was a farmer called Dennis and He had two brother Allosha and Grecha. Unsure of the spelling. maybe someone knew of a farming family.
Three Pinsk Orphanages 1921
Wrote by: David Solly Sandler 
Published on:  2011-04-19 00:00:00
I have compiled three thick volumes on Arcadia - The South african Jewish Orphanage. The third which is now with the printer, The Ochberg Orphans, tells the story 181 Orphans rescued by the SA Jewish community and transported to SA.

30 of these children were selected from the Three Pinsk Jewish Orphanages and book not only tells of the life stories on many of these children but also of an Alter Bobrow who established these orphanages and accompanied these children to SA.

I have photos of the three orphanages, names on the back of two of the photos, 135 letters to Alter Bobrow from children and colleages etc etc etc. I'm now compiling a book to include these letters photos etc etc and would be very interested to make contact with people whose ancestors came from the Pinsk Orphanages in the 1920s.

David Solly Sandler
Schneiders in Pinsk
Wrote by: stanley 
Published on:  2011-03-18 00:00:00
My grandfather, Philip Schneider emigrated from Pinsk to New York, in about 1903. He was about age 21, born in 1882. The next year, his wife Anna (Elka?) Schneider (nee Brendel) emigrated to New York with their son Isidore age 1 year (my father). She was about the same age as Philip. Any information on any other Schneiders or Brendels in Pinsk would be appreciated.
Pinsk Jewish Orphanage 1924
Wrote by: adele 
Published on:  2010-03-30 00:00:00
"Pinsk Jewish Orphanage
Wrote by: Adam
Published on: 10/05/2009"
To ADAM: My father was in that orphanage and went to London as a 7year old in 1924, after being adopted - through a Jewish adoption agency - by a Jewish couple living in London. My father didn't offer any more information as to how he arrived in London or on which boat. His name (as I knew it to be at least) was Murdoch Lewin. Hope this is of help. Adele
Kotok Family,from Pinsk
Wrote by: Margarita 
Published on:  2010-01-10 00:00:00
Hi! I'm looking for Kotok family from Pinsk.Their first names are: Tova,Zelik, Sonia, Michail,Girsh.Also Tannenbaum(Tennenbaum) family from Pinsk.Sonia Kotok married Ar'e (Arya) Tannenbaum(Tennenbaum) from Pinsk.Thank you.
Portnoy and Klosner families from Motol
Wrote by: Ellen 
Published on:  2009-12-22 00:00:00
Szalom all!
I am just beginning research on my maternal grandmother's family from Motol -- the town where Chaim Weizmann was born -- near Pinsk. My great-grandmother's name was Rachel Portnoy before she married; her husband's surname was Klosner. My grandmother was Sara Klosner; she came to the US with her mother Rachel and five siblings in 1910. If anyone has any information to add to my barebones story, I would be very grateful!
Kolodny's In Pinsk
Wrote by: David 
Published on:  2009-11-11 00:00:00
Both of my grandparents were from Pinsk and came to the US in 1910. For 12 years I have been working on the Kolodny Family tree www.davidkolodny.com and would love it if anyone on this site can contribute to it. Hope to hear from you soon!
my family
Wrote by: Eric 
Published on:  2009-06-12 00:00:00
Thank you for you work and continued effort.
I am hoping to find more information about my paternal grandfather's ( Victor- Vigdor_ Treibman) family.
He never talked about them to us, he immigrated in 1924?, his family was murdered, they were from Pinsk.
Thank you
Wrote by: Peter 
Published on:  2009-05-12 00:00:00
I hope to learn more about my grandfather, Peter Stoopack (came to the US from Pinsk between 1890 1nd 1898 I believe).
Pinsk Jewish Orphanage
Wrote by: Adam 
Published on:  2009-05-10 00:00:00
I wonder of any visitor could help me find a list of children's names who would have been in the Pinsk Jewish Orphanage in 1924? My grandmother, whose family name we do not know, came to London by boat in 1924 from the orphanage, aged about 4. Her first names are believed to have been Sora Basha. If anyone knows the names of boats that left for London with children from the orphanage that year, that might also be helpful (although we belive that she did not travel under her own name). Many thanks. Adam
Wrote by: JACK 
Published on:  2009-05-07 00:00:00
searching for Szapiro (Shapiro)
Wrote by: Bella 
Published on:  2009-04-21 00:00:00
I am looking for any information on my family, Basha and Elle Szapiro from Pinsk. They lived there until the German invasion and have never heard from anyone again. Also, I would like to get involved in this organizaion.

Hacked By EbRaHiM-VaKeR Iranonymous.Com
Wrote by: ivoncy 
Published on:  2008-08-31 00:00:00
Hacked By EbRaHiM-VaKeR Iranonymous.Com
My Great Grandfather
Wrote by: Tzvi 
Published on:  2008-05-27 00:00:00
I am looking for information about my Great grandfather
Rabbi Mordechai Zvi Fishman, who was a famous Rabbi in Pinsk in about 1850-1870.

If anyone has some knowledge of him please e-mail me.

Tzvi Fishman, New York
Chertok family history
Wrote by: Paula 
Published on:  2008-05-05 00:00:00
I'm a descendant of Chertok and Polkatitzka families that lived near Pinsk in the village of Holozhyn(sk). Zavel and wife Dena (Polk.) Chertok had 9 children, 5 of whom survived and came to America in 1960s. Any information to trace these families would be much appreciated!
German family
Wrote by: German 
Published on:  2008-04-01 00:00:00
Hello from France
Thank you for this great website
I am lookin for any information about my family
You can contact me on my email
Thank you
Searchng for family
Wrote by: Karen  
Published on:  2008-03-09 00:00:00
Does anyone have any information on my family?
Their last name was Escalera.
Family research
Wrote by: Anne Marie 
Published on:  2008-02-18 00:00:00
Hello, Has any one heard about Benyomin Szczygiel and family my uncle, Hersh Ukrajnitz my cousin, Iosel Lerman and family my uncle, aunt and cousins ? All lived in Pinsk before the war, probably in Gancharska Ulitse. Anne Marie
Still looking for Ziniuk family
Wrote by: Miriam 
Published on:  2007-11-17 00:00:00
Fortunately I could find some Tepmans from my mother´s side.I would also like to find some Ziniuks - my late father´s family name. All of them were born in Pinsk and only my father came to Brazil ( 1929)while his younger brother Shmariau was taken to Israel. Although I have never found any of the Ziniuks, I still hope to find any member of the the Ziniuk family. Please contact me if you have known, met, or have any information about their fate. Thank you. Mrs. Miriam Finguerman
Wrote by: Bruce 
Published on:  2007-04-23 00:00:00
My great grandmother was Golde Turkenitch although others in that family spelled in Turkenitz. Some in my family believe her line traces back to Pinsk, although there seem to be a lot of Turkenitches from Stolin, not far from Pinsk. Her parents were Israel Turkenitch and Hannah Dvorah (Lapidus). She emigrated to NYC in 1906 to join her husband David Kimmel.
Tourkin - Tourkenitz - Turkenich familes from Pinsk
Wrote by: Leah 
Published on:  2006-10-18 00:00:00
I am a descendant of the Tourkenitz - Turkenich families from Pinsk. My paternal grandfather emigrated to the USA from Pinsk after the Kishinev pogrom of 1905, arriving in Baltimore, MD around 1906. His name was changed (shortened) in the USA to Tourkin . He was a professional carpenter & cabinet maker trained in Pinsk, such that he ended up building many of the 'shtieblach' & their Holy Arks in the Jewish 'ghetto' in east "Balmer" (Baltimore) almost 100 years ago (Caroline Street). Our family has Toukin males named Naftali Shlomo, David, Dov Ber, and Moshe. I have many cousins - most in the USA - with whom I'm in contact, but I'd like to meet other Tourkin - Tourkenitz - Turkenich folk from Pinsk! I immigrated to Israel over 30 years ago, so I can correspond in either English or Hebrew with fellow "Pinskers".
Wrote by: Edwin 
Published on:  2006-09-12 00:00:00
I am making my first visit to your website in search of the Kirzner/Kirschner family which also was Kleck and Byten.

Ed Neugass
Herndon, VA USA
great grandfather
Wrote by: laurence  
Published on:  2006-09-12 00:00:00
I have just learned that my great grandfater, Zelman Marel ( Solomon Morrell ) may have been born in Pinsk around 1858. I will now begin the search of records to find any information I can. A recent trip to Bialystok has certainly increased my interest in visiting the area around Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.

Laurence Morrell
Maitland, Florida

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