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The Association of the jews of Pinsk-Karlin & the vicinity in Israel and the Diaspora

In 1945, the former residents of Pinsk in Israel formed an organization. The declared purpose of this group was to assist the remaining Pinsk survivors and refugees in Europe as well as the new immigrants that arrived in Israel. In addition to this assistance, the organization was charged with the task of memorializing the Pinsk Jewish Community which was virtually wiped off the surface of the earth during World War II.

The Pinsk Book

One of the primary tasks that the organization took upon itself was the preparation and publication of the three volumes of the Pinsk book which contains 1845 pages (Please see the bibliography at the end of this document).

Memorial Meetings

The organizations holds an annual memorial meeting in remembrance of the Jews of Pinsk who perished during the Holocaust, and the date for this meeting is always on or around the date of the first day of the Ghetto destruction – “Yud-Chet (18) Cheshvan”. A similar memorial ceremony is also conducted every year in New-York by:
Pinskers Friends Association
Steven Kolodny, President

E-mail: skol@nyc.rr.com

Travel to the Gravesite of the Elders of Pinsk

Since1989, the organization has arranged biannual trips to Pinsk in order to visit the Elders of Pinsk gravesite.
See Bulletin board.

The International Conference for Pinsk

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Holocaust of the Jews of Pinsk, an international conference was held in Tel Aviv on 28 October 1992 and was attended by Pinsk Jews from Israel, The United States, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Norway and even Pinsk.

Memorial Sites in Israel

The organization in Israel has erected monuments at the following sites: The Holocaust Cellar in Jerusalem; The Pinsk wood in the Forest for the Holy in the Jerusalem Hills; At the Holon Cemetary, near Tel Aviv; at Kibbutz Gvat – as mentioned previously; a special model of the Pinsk Ghetto which is housed at the Ghetto Fighters Museum near Nahariya. Additionally, monuments were erected in New York and Montreal, Canada.

A Map of Jewish Pinsk

We would like to mention with praise one of our town's former residents, Mr. Anshel Levendiger of blessed memory, who published and distributed a large and detailed map of Jewish Pinsk. He also built the model of the Pinsk ghetto on display at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum in Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot. He died on 1 August 2011, at the age of 105.
Ellen Stepak(His address is Moshav Tzofit, 44925).

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