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Pinsk Jews in Israel

Thousands of Pinsk jews made “Aliya” to Israel, and they integrated into all walks of life, including writers, poets, journalists, artists and university professors. There are also Pinsk jews who are members in 40 different “Kibbutzim” and 12 “Moshavim”.

We would like to mention Pinsk jews who served as Presidents and members of the Government of Israel. The first President of the State of Israel, Prof. Haim Weizmann, along with the son of his brother Yechiel, Ezer Weizman, who has served as President since 1994, and who was reelected for another 5 year term. Former Ministers included Moshe Sharet (Shertok), Godla Meir – they also served as Prime Ministers; Mr. Haim Gvati (Switach), who also won the Israel Prize for agriculture; Mr. Moshe Kol (Kolodny); Mr. Gad Ya’acobi (Maisel), who was also an Israel representative to the UN; Dr. Yossi Beilin (from the Bregman family); Vice Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Michael Dekel (Dayksel). The Israel Prize for medicine was awarded to Professor David Erlich.

In addition to the Pinsker Friends Association in New York as mentioned previously, there are also organizations in Argentina and Brazil.

Unfortunately, the Pinsk generation who were born and raised there is declining. However, in Israel and the United States, the continuation of this next generation has integrated into the management of the organizations, and this provides the continuing link in the chain of remembrance.

Jews from the vicinity: Yanov, Ivaniki, Sernik, also participate in our yearly memorials, and they also joined our organization and that is why the word “vicinity” has been added to our official name.


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